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NSG BioLabs’ biosafety level 2 compliant co-working laboratory and office space features a fully equipped laboratory with a supporting office space including multiple meeting rooms, phone pods and a stocked pantry. Enabling companies to expand their research capabilities while reducing overhead costs.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Laboratory Management

Shared Rooms for Cell Culture and Microbiological Work

Private Laboratory Suites

Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2)

Office Space and Private Office Suites

Meeting Rooms and Phone Pods

Event Space

Laboratory Equipment For Rent | NSG BioLabs


NSG BioLabs’ biosafety level 2 compliant laboratory space features state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize your workflow efficiency while providing a comfortable and professional environment. Our laboratory, equipped with more than 200+ equipment, meets the research needs of our residents.

Equipment in our facility include:

qRT-PCRs, Thermocyclers and PCR Hoods

BioSafety Cabinets, Centrifuges, Cell Counter, Nanophotometer and Incubators

Flow Cytometer, Microplate Reader, Microscopes and Gel Imaging

Type 1 & 2 Water System, Fume Hoods, Autoclaves and Water Baths

Cold Room, Floor Centrifuge, Fridges and Freezers

Vacuum System, CO2 Gas and Liquid N2 Cryo Storage

Research & Operation Support | NSG BioLabs


Our co-working laboratory space encompass a broad range of laboratory operations and support capabilities, allowing our residents to plan, execute and conduct their research projects more effectively and efficiently.

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    Management of office and laboratory space
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    Storage facilities for hazardous substances and Class 3 flammable materials
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    HEPA filtered HVAC systems
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    Regular Maintenance of all laboratory equipment
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    Financing and mentorship connections
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    In compliance with national guidelines for handling chemical and biological materials, laboratory safety and waste disposal
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    24/7 secured access
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    Biosafety Level 2 compliant
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    Provisioning of emergency power system for critical storage items
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    CRO support and service providers network
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    Biohazardous and chemical waste removal
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    Preferred rates for consumables from A*STAR’s Research Support Center (RSC)
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Our fully equipped biosafety level 2 laboratory is designed to help our residents conduct their research with ease. Our shared lab areas support a wide range of research needs and our capable team is always available to help meet each residents’ specific needs.