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NSG BioLabs’ BSL2 certified wet lab and office space features three fully equipped laboratory facilities with a supporting office space including multiple meeting rooms, phone pods and a stocked pantry, enabling biotech companies to expand their research capabilities while reducing overhead costs.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Laboratory Management

Shared Rooms for Cell Culture and Microbiological Work

Private Laboratory Suites

Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2)

Office Space and Private Office Suites

Meeting Rooms and Phone Pods

Event Space

Laboratory Equipment For Rent | NSG BioLabs


NSG BioLabs’ BSL2 certified co-working laboratory space features state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize your workflow efficiency while providing a comfortable and professional environment. Our laboratory, equipped with more than 300+ equipment, meets the research needs of our residents.

Equipment in our facility include:

qRT-PCRs, Thermocyclers and PCR Hoods

BioSafety Cabinets, Centrifuges, Cell Counter, Nanophotometer and Incubators

Flow Cytometer, Microplate Reader, Microscopes and Gel Imaging

Type 1 & 2 Water System, Fume Hoods, Autoclaves and Water Baths

Cold Room, Floor Centrifuge, Fridges and Freezers

Vacuum System, CO2 Gas and Liquid N2 Cryo Storage

Research & Operation Support | NSG BioLabs


Our co-working BSL2 lab space encompass a broad range of laboratory operations and support capabilities, allowing our residents to plan, execute and conduct their research projects more effectively and efficiently.

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    Management of office and laboratory space
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    Storage facilities for hazardous substances and Class 3 flammable materials
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    HEPA filtered HVAC systems
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    Regular Maintenance of all laboratory equipment
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    Financing and mentorship connections
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    In compliance with national guidelines for handling chemical and biological materials, laboratory safety and waste disposal
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    24/7 secured access
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    Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) certified
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    Provisioning of emergency power system for critical storage items
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    CRO support and service providers network
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    Biohazardous and chemical waste removal
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    Preferred rates for consumables and services from A*STAR’s Research Support Center (RSC) and other suppliers
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    Access to exclusive member events
Facilities | NSG BioLabs


Our fully equipped certified BSL2 lab is designed to help our residents conduct their research with ease. Our shared lab areas support a wide range of research needs and our capable team is always available to help meet each residents’ specific needs.